Step Brothers

You know Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. You know their shtick. They play adult idiots. They’ve done it in every movie they’ve starred in in the past few years. They started strong with Anchorman and slowly declined with Talladega Nights, Walk Hard, Blades Of Glory, Semi-Pro, and now Step Brothers. In this, their most recent, they play two immature guys in their late 30s living with their single parents, their parents hook up, and they all move in together. Hilarity ensues. Or at least, that’s what they want you to think.

Step Brothers is a decent enough comedy. It’s shallow brain candy. It’s certainly not in the league of Anchorman or The 40 Year Old Virgin, it’s more on par with Blades Of Glory, which I liked. And I like Step Brothers. It has it’s moments of hilarity but the sad part is, most of those parts are found in the trailer for the movie. There are a still few other scenes that are pretty funny, but it all feels kind of played out. I’d like to see these guys do something funny as a different character. They’ve done the idiot thing, I think it’s time to try something else.

But (and this is a big but) if you’re looking for some summer popcorn flick that doesn’t involve a superhero and big explosions, then Step Brothers might be right up your alley. Just don’t go in expecting something new and exciting.