Closet One Films

Closet One Films is made up of a group of film-lovers who all happen to work at the illustrious independent movie theater CinemaSalem. We’ll watch pretty much anything. Just try and stop us. Expect the contributors here at Closet One to write about all things film. We’ll review new movies in many different genres. We’ll discuss our old favorites and the films we are dying to get on DVD. We might even write about that cheesy 80’s comedy we watched in a state of delirium in the middle of the night while battling the flu. But it’s all movies, all the time here! So if movies are your thing, hit the subscribe button, and join us. Together, we’ll rule the galaxy!

Here\'s a pic of Darth Vader. Because really, why not?


One Response

  1. HI
    This sounds like fun.
    I have returned to the area after a long while away and just found Cinema Salem. Seems like this is a long way off from the old Museum Place theater… and good for you!
    I look forward to seeing what will happen now on the North Shore with CS and Cabot Street in such close proximity…

    Who knows… maybe some serious cinemaheads will (re)emerge from our DVD hiding places and find some real (reel?) venues for showing some classics and near classics.

    What about that? Does CS have the capacity to show DVD on the big screen? Could a once a month (or more?) meeting of like-minded folks come and see some real movie classics once again splashed across the big screen?

    When I was in Minneapolis we had one good theater (well many actually) but only one which played both old cinematic treasures, new (and old) foreign releases and some of the best independent movies around.* Maybe a grassroots, once-a-month group could work at CS? With some many colleges nearby – especially with art and film majors – maybe such an endeavor could work?

    So… what to you think?

    * That theater is the Oak Street Theater which is found here

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