Flatline Film Fest & Cinema Cafe

We apologize if you’ve been missing our movie reviews lately. However, it’s not because we’ve been slacking. Just the opposite in fact. We’ve been working hard to provide all of the Cinema Salem patrons with the coolest October ever.

We put together the Flatline Film Fest which includes plenty of horror movies throughout October and all 5 Harry Potter movies. We’ll be showing Slither, Candyman, The Blob, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and a bunch more every weekend. For all the details and showtimes, head over the the Flatline website.

Also, we’ve had a few setbacks with the Cinema Cafe, but it should be open for the weekend of the 17th and 18th (we mean it this time). There will be lots of delicious espresso drinks, smoothies, a granola bar, cookies, brownies, and lots of other stuff.

All of this has taken up ridiculous amounts of our time. Hardly any time to watch movies, let alone write about them. So with that in mind, here’s hoping October will be awesome with scary movies and yummy drinks.